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1. How to take TOEIC Listening Practice Test Part 4 (Short Talks) on TOEIC TEST PRO website?

  • Choosing one test from the test list of part 4 on TOEIC TEST PRO website. Each TOEIC listening test part 4 includes 10 short talks. Each short talk consists of 3 questions. Your duty is choosing the answer that you think fits best according to what you hear.
  • Once finishing each TOEIC listening practice test 4, you can see your answers, correct answers with detailed explanations.
  • A talk in the TOEIC part 4 has only one person talking, nevertheless, the lexical and grammatical levels are quite difficult. Hence, you need to boost your vocabulary as well as practice listening regularly.
  • TOEIC test part 4 according to the new format is included on TOEIC TEST PRO website. Therefore, practicing on TOEIC TEST PRO will certainly help you to get familiar with the test format as well as enhance your TOEIC skills.