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1. How to take TOEIC Listening Practice Test Part 3 (Conversations) on TOEIC TEST PRO website?

  • Choosing one test from the test list of part 3 on TOEIC TEST PRO website. Each Toeic listening practice test part 3 consists of 13 conversations. Each conversation has 3 questions. You have to choose the answer that fits best according to what you hear. 
  • You can review what you have done including your answers, correct answers with detailed and clear explanations. Doing TOEIC test part 3 on TOEIC TEST PRO website will help you identify your weaknesses, thereby, devising strategies to gain the maximum score. 
  • Part 3 is considered one of the most difficult sections of the TOEIC exam because recordings are quite long and have a lot of tricks. Therefore, you need to practice listening as much as possible. Besides, preparing tips is also essential.