1. How to take TOEIC Listening Practice Test Part 3 (Conversations) on TOEIC TEST PRO website?

Choosing one test from the test list of part 3 on TOEIC TEST PRO website. Each Toeic listening practice test part 3 consists of 13 conversations. Each conversation has 3 questions. You have to choose the answer that fits best according to what you hear. 

You can review what you have done including your answers, correct answers with detailed and clear explanations. Doing TOEIC test part 3 on TOEIC TEST PRO website will help you identify your weaknesses, thereby, devising strategies to gain the maximum score. 

Part 3 is considered one of the most difficult sections of the TOEIC exam because recordings are quite long and have a lot of tricks. Therefore, you need to practice listening as much as possible. Besides, preparing tips is also essential. 

2. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TOEIC Listening Test Part 3

2.1 Can I listen to TOEIC part 3 the second time?

No, you can’t. All recordings in TOEIC part 3 will be played ONCE only. Therefore, you need to focus on recordings or you may miss out the chance to give correct answers to the questions. 

2.2. What are the steps to do the TOEIC listening test part 3?

+ Read questions carefully before listening.

+ Underline keywords in answers.

+ Imagine context and vocabulary that may appear in the audio.

+ Listen to the recording carefully and choose the best answer.

2.3. What are common types of questions in the TOEIC test part 3?

  • Question asking for main idea
  • Question asking for details
  • Inference question 

2.4. What are common topics in the TOEIC listening test part 3?

  • Travel (business trip, price, time)
  • Restaurant, real estate and retail
  • Information about one employee (salary increase, promotion, working position)
  • Information in the office (time, meeting, material, equipment and appointment)
  • Free-time activities


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