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1. How to take TOEIC Listening Practice Test Part 1 (Photograph) on TOEIC TEST PRO website?

– When taking the TOEIC Listening practice test part 1 on TOEIC TEST PRO, you can choose to do any tests first.

– Each Listening practice test part 1 consists of 6 questions. Each question has one photograph. You will listen to four sentences (marked A-D) and then choose the one that best describes the photo.

– After finishing all six questions, you need to press the submit button to hand in your answers.

– You can review the test you have taken, see correct answers and detailed explanations. This is one of the plus points of TOEIC TEST PRO, which can help you identify your weaknesses. 

Toeic Listening test Part 1 is considered the easiest part of the TOEIC exam because it has the least number of questions. However, part 1 in the new format is more difficult than that in the old format as it has more tricks. Thus, there is no way but to practice as much as possible.