1. Toeic Bridge Test Overview


The Toeic Bridge is created by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is not difficult as the Toeic test. The Toeic Bridge test is designed especially for beginning to lower-intermediate English learners. 


1.1. Format


The Toeic Bridge consists of two sections of Listening and Reading with a total number of 100 multiple-choice questions. 


  • Section 1: Listening


You are going to listen to recorded statements, questions, short conversations and short talks with a total number of 50 questions. There are three parts:


  • Part 1: Photographs (15 questions)
  • Part 2: Question-Response (20 questions)
  • Part 3: Short Conversations and Short Talks (15 questions)


The Listening test lasts 25 minutes.


  • Section 2: Reading


The Reading Toeic Bridge test includes 50 questions. You have to read single sentences and passages and then choose the best answers according to what you read. There are two parts:

  • Part 4: Incomplete Sentences (30 questions)
  • Part 5: Reading Comprehension (20 questions)


The Reading test lasts 35 minutes.


1.2. Who is the Toeic Bridge Test for?


The Toeic Bridge is developed for:


  • Students who are learning English and are at the beginning to lower-intermediate level.
  • English learners who are taking the business English language course.
  • Individuals just wanting to learn English for work, travel or other purposes. 
who is the toeic bridge
who is the toeic bridge

1.3. How is the Toeic Bridge advantageous to you?


The Toeic Bridge Test brings a host of advantages to test takers. Specifically, it helps you identify your current English language proficiency level, establish your goals as well as monitor your progress in learning the English language. The test assesses your Listening and Reading skills and assists you in preparing for the next level of learning English.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, possessing a Toeic Bridge certificate demonstrates to employers that you are ready to be successful at the next academic or workplace environment. The test also enables you to be informed of which aspects you need to improve. 


1.4. How much does it cost to take the Toeic Bridge Test?


The fees for taking the Toeic Bridge differ from country to country. However, it is expected to be around 70 Euros (about 79 US$). You can pay an additional fee if you want to receive your score faster. 


1.5. How to register for the Toeic Bridge Test?


If you want to sit for the Toeic Bridge, you must register via the ETS website. You can sign up by yourself or have your institution do it for you. While signing up, you need to opt for an exam center and the test date. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to find a spot to take the test on the date that you wish. 


2. Differences between Toeic Bridge and Toeic


Toeic Test Toeic Bridge Test
Aim Normally used for employment purposes  Used for people who are at the beginning to lower-intermediate English level.
Language  Comprise business and academic English Comprise everyday English 
Format  There are two separate parts:

  • Listening and Reading
  • Speaking and Writing
There are two parts: 

  • Listening
  • Reading
Total number of questions  200 100 
Total time Approximately 2.5 hours Approximately 1.5 hours
Score  – The Toeic Listening and Reading test has a score between 10 and 990.– The Toeic Speaking and Writing test is marked out of 200. Scores from 170 – 200 are considered excellent. Each section gives a score ranging from 10 to 90. The total score range is from 20 to 180.