1. How does the scoring system of the Toeic Bridge test work?


The Toeic Bridge test is not a pass-or-fail test. The test evaluates your current level of language proficiency in Listening and Reading skills. A high score shows a greater proficiency with the tested English skill. 


Scores on the Toeic Bridge test are gained by the number of correct answers, which is then converted into a scaled mark. Each Listening and Reading section has a score ranging from 10 to 90. The total score is determined by adding two scores together. Thus, your total test score will be between 20 and 180. 


The score report will include Listening, Reading and total scaled scores. 


2. How is the Toeic Bridge score converted to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)?


The table below shows how the Toeic Bridge score is converted into CEFR:

toeic bridge score conversion table
toeic bridge score conversion table


(Source: Etsglobal)


3. Tips to achieve a high Toeic Bridge score


Preparing for any language exams in general and the Toeic Bridge test in particular requires a lot of time and effort. Augmenting your score within one or two days is a nearly impossible thing. You must practice everyday. Additionally, you can refer to the couples of tips below: 


  • Draw up a plan 


It’s advisable for you to manage your time effectively as well as map out what you will study. Cramming one or several weeks prior to the exam is not an ideal and effective way to prepare for the Toeic Bridge exam. Making schedules and practicing regularly will definitely help you attain your target score. 


  • Study effectively – Lessen distractions


When studying, you need to specially focus. Put your smartphone aside. Surfing social media while studying will reduce your concentration. If you have a plan to sit quietly and study for two hours, then sit quietly and study for two hours.


  • Seek good materials 


Seeking good and carefully compiled materials is one of the best ways to enhance your Toeic Bridge score quickly. In addition, you need to find materials that are updated constantly because you will be given the opportunity to get the latest format of the exam. 


Below is the overview of the Toeic Bridge scoring system as well as tips to maximize Toeic Bridge score. Hopefully, this article will be of some help to people who are going to take the test.