1. What is TOEIC? 


Before sitting a TOEIC exam, it is crucial to understand what TOEIC means and the structure of the exam.


TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication, which is an English standard international exam conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service). This exam is used for those using English as a language to work in an international environment.

What is Toeic
What is Toeic?


In terms of TOEIC score, it is accepted on a global basis and required in most companies worldwide. As a result, taking the TOEIC test for a future career is highly recommended by expertises, professionals and employers. 


The TOEIC certificate is valid within 2 years and recognised by many countries around the world.


2. What is the structure of TOEIC?


Normally, the TOEIC exam consists of two different skills namely Listening and Reading that are required for daily communication in a corporation or business. The test takes constantly 2 hours and a half with two sections:

– Listening Comprehension Section:

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Number of questions: 100 questions


– Reading Comprehension Section:

  • Duration: 74 minutes
  • Number of questions: 100 questions


However, with the ever-growing competitiveness in the job market, a variety of firms also require Speaking and Writing skills to prove the candidates’ ability to well-rounded use English language in business. The TOEIC Speaking and Writing test takes nearly 1 hour and a half with two sections:

– Speaking Section: 

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Number of questions: 11 questions


Writing Section: 

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 8 questions


The point scale of the TOEIC exam ranges from 100 to 990: 


Point Scale Description
10 – 250

(0 – 25%)

Basic Proficiency

Capable of meeting immediate survival needs.

255 – 400

(26% – 40%)

Elementary Proficiency

Proficiency is limited, but functional. Capable of simple interpersonal conversations about familiar topics.

405 – 600

(41% – 60%)

Elementary Proficiency Plus

Interpersonal conversations can be initiated and maintained predictably and limited social demands can be met.

605 – 780

(61% – 78%)

Limited Working Proficiency

Most social needs are met and work requirements are limited.

785 – 900

(79% – 90%)

Working Proficiency Plus

Ability to meet most work requirements with language that is acceptable and effective most of the time, but not always.

905 – 990

(91% – 100%)

International Professional Proficiency

In any situation, able to communicate effectively.


3. What are the benefits of TOEIC?


3.1. Confidence to communicate with foreigners fluently in English


The progress of learning and taking the TOEIC exam offers you an environment to emerge yourself in English, which then significantly helps with your English improvement. You can make use of the knowledge achieved to communicate, interact with other people more confidently and broaden your horizon. 


benefits of toeic
Benefits of toeic


3.2. International certificate for using English as a second language


TOEIC is widely accepted in various institutions and businesses all over the world, so possessing a TOEIC certificate will definitely be an advantage for your future career.


3.3. Chances of promotion at work


Having a dream job is one of our goals in life and having an opportunity to work in a desired position must be much of a target. With TOEIC, you can be a potential candidate compared to others when applying for the same position. 


3.4. Opportunities to study abroad 


If you have an intention to study and work in another country, especially in English speaking nations, owning a TOEIC certificate is considered to be the first and foremost criterion. Therefore, do not squander a chance of studying overseas just because you lack a TOEIC certificate. 


3.5. Prerequisites to graduate from institutions 


Many colleges or institutions take TOEIC as one of the main factors to decide whether you can graduate from school or not.


4. Why should you choose TOEIC Test Pro? 


TOEIC Test Pro facilitates you with opportunities to learn and practice TOEIC online on different platforms (both mobile app and website). 


4.1. Eye-catching and user-friendly interface


TOEIC Test Pro website and mobile app are meticulously and colorfully designed in order to provide learners with not only easy-to-handle functions but also appealing and catchy colors. 


4.2. Hundreds of practice and full tests


The materials that are carefully compiled with detailed explanations hopefully brings you the best experience when accessing multiple practice tests and full tests. TOEIC Test Pro assures to have the up-to-the-minute content that can helps candidates be familiar with the actual test.


4.3. Grammar and Vocabulary practice


Not only the practice and full tests on TOEIC skills will be shown on TOEIC Test Pro but the Grammar and Vocabulary commonly used in the TOEIC test are also collected. 

In terms of grammar, thousands of questions will be listed after the specific theory on each grammar topic, whereas Vocabulary will be presented in the form of flashcards and you can play games with a wide range of new words categorised by parts of a skill. 


4.4. Blogs 


We have many blogs about diverse aspects of the TOEIC test on TOEIC Test Pro website. You can refer to what you are interested in or eager to know about with just a click, then our blogs can help you with further knowledge. 


4.5. Convenience and Flexibility 


The online learning platform is no longer a strange term to learners, especially language learners. TOEIC Test Pro, hence, is functioned with the aim of helping TOEIC test-takers to have the most convenient and flexible learning platforms on both website and mobile app so that you can learn irrespective of time and place. 


All in all, TOEIC can become an advantage for you to pursue your future career and open a prospective door to enter a new world. Having a deep insight into this test and practicing as much as possible can give you a chance to score high in the TOEIC exam. Let’s have TOEIC Test Pro help you with your journey!