toeic vs ielts

TOEIC vs IELTS: Which Test Should You Choose?

TOEIC and IELTS have become popular English language tests. You may wonder which test you should choose. Scroll down this article to get the answer.

common mistakes of self-study toeic

6 Common Mistakes Of Self-Study TOEIC Learners

There are a variety of effective methods of learning Toeic. Many people choose to self-study because of its flexibility, cost-saving and convenience. 
Nevertheless, in the process of self-study, we may make mistakes that make us not obtain target scores. This article will provide you with several prominent mistakes in the process of self-studying Toeic. 

benefits of toeic for your future

Benefits Of TOEIC For Your Future

The fluency in English language has become one of the priorities for people aiming to join the workforce as well as go overseas. Apart from IELTS or TOEFL, it is TOEIC that has the largest number of candidates to self-assess their English proficiency. This article, therefore, will give you a brief introduction and great advantages of the TOEIC test.

toeic bridge score

How Is TOEIC Bridge Score Calculated? Tips To Maximize TOEIC Bridge Scores

To maximize the Toeic Bridge score, aside from doing exercises and taking the mock tests, having a deep insight into how the scoring system works is also an absolute necessity. Scrolling down this article to know the scoring system of the Toeic Bridge test as well as tips to obtain a high score in this exam.